Kieran Hebden (born 1977. Putneny, London England) is an electronic, post- rock musician. You may know him better by his stage name 'Four Tet'. His new album 'There is love in you', which was released in 2010, with its well known hit 'Angel Echoes' (Track 1), could be described as soundtrack to a journey through the arctic circle, accompanied by the northern lights as a personal lighting display! There is Love in You' definitely differs from his last, and yet still holds Four Tet's distinctive sounds from his previous album 'Everything Ecstatic', released in 2005. The album seems to focus mainly around repetitive, minimal, ambient loop's slapped in together with live instruments. This album has definitely made my winter playlist and most likely Nation Geographics as well!    
Words + Reasearch: Flavia Aliverti

Links: Myspace.com/fourtetkieranheden

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