The City That Never Sleep

I took this photo in Hong Kong this christmas just gone past. I had just finished a late dinner (it was midnight) and turned to get my jacket and saw this out of the window. What a bummer. This office across the street was still going in full-swing despite it being way past the average working person's bedtime. It's scary how much of our daily lives is spent in the office, working and earning a living. The weird thing is is that we spend more time doing this than actually 'living'. We work all day to pay for our rent and spend little waking hours in our actual homes.
A lot of people in Hong Kong work incredibly long hours, more so than the average working hours in Europe. Working on a Saturday is considered normal and many people work into the dead of night (like these poor folk here). However, Hong Kong is considered pretty good in comparison to Japan and the 24 hour city of Tokyo where office workers can work until 5 am and get as little as 3 hours sleep a night. Well wherever the city...

"Work to live, dont live to work" ya'll.

Photograph: Giulia Aliverti

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  1. Hello Julia, who does not enjoy life dies sad. Often not by choice. We are lucky and do not see it.
    Love Martina