Sketches by Kimberly Gordon of Wildfox California

Pen and Watercolour by Kimberly Gordon of Wildfox Couture

I wish I had just a fleck of Kimberly Gordon's artistic skills, and her job- take a look at the extract below (cheekily and lazily copied and pasted from their website). For British shoppers you can find a selection of the collection at Miss Selfridges. ALSO have a look at my previous post on the new Wildfox S/S11 White Label collection. Dribble dribble...

About Wildfox:
Childhood friends Emily Faulstich and Kimberley Gordon are the creative force behind Wildfox. Inspired by sleepovers, beautiful books, fairies, dreams, vintage t-shirts and their friendship, the young designers gave birth to a brand based on love and having fun! Things had gotten too serious in the world of fashion, and it was time for a change. They created their t-shirts for every person, soft, baggy, bright and fun.Together with musician Jimmy Sommers as CEO and President of Wildfox the brand was officially established in Los Angeles in 2007. Today, the girls spend their time visiting vintage shops and working out of their Silverlake-area design studio - where they ew their hearts on their sleeves and spread peace and love through design. 

Photographs courtesy of www.ilovewildfox.com
Words from www.wildfoxcouture.com

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