Tribu my new favourite Stall

I shimmied on down to Camden market last weekend because of friend wanted to grope out the vintage shops for a denim jacket. As Camden never ceases to delight me I came across this gem of a stall somewhere beyond the food area, on the way to the indoor area with all the leather and freaky bronze horses. The shop is mainly catered to those who have the balls to endure stretching of ear lobes and painful piercings, as well as those who have the balls to take their look to a different level. However, amongst all the plugs and stretchers there was a fine collection of Bronze,Silver, Bone, Shell and Gold jewellery. I bought myself the first pair of earrings in the pictures above, and the rest are just part of a pending 'to buy' list when good fortune decides to come my way. Most of the pieces are handmade from Indonesia..making me want them even more. In a weird way its just a little bit more satisfying knowing that you can wear a little bit of that place you would much rather be at than ol' rainy England.

Photographs: www.tribu.co.uk

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