Anton Corbijn

David Bowie

Miles Davis

Cameron Diaz and Ewan McGregor

Christy and Naomi

Kurt Cobain


Captain Beefheart

 I was never really aware that Anton Corbijn exsisted. I was aware of all the album covers he had photographed but had never really thought about the photographer behind all of the CD cases I used to collect at a young age (its all digital now isn't it?). When you're collecting CDs it's more about the music rather than the art. After being introduced to his work at the G-Star party last month where Anton Corbijn himself contributed to and attended plus the age factor I just wanted to post a couple of his works for the world to enjoy whether it be just to look at, or to be inspired by. He definately makes me want to get out there and take better pictures...too bad none of my pals are rock stars.

Photography by Anton Corbijn

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