November Arcadia Press Day- S/S11

Thanks to the lovely Cheryl Leung, stylist and creative director of LET THEM EAT CAKE magazine I was able to get a sneak peak at Arcadia's Spring/Summer collection for 2011. What a treat! Arcadia's designers have taken definitive steps to move away from the muted colours and styles of A/W10, come Spring next year the high-street will resemble Elmer the elephants backside (it's all about colour clashing apparently). Overall the forecast for S/S11 looks promising with a lot of looks that I would actually go and buy.Whether or not I squander my non existent funds before the clothes go on sale is another story! Excuse the poor quality of the pictures...I think I was shaking with excitement just a little.

+Metallics- Plenty of bronzes, silvers and metallic blue
+Acid wash denim and trippy floral and water-colour prints
+Pastel and Primary colours of all sorts- mint greens, mustard yellows, purples, corals and reds
+A lot of fluro-traveller/boho looks, tassels, fringing and crochet detailing

Accessories: Fluro-traveller/boho, a lot of South American/African/American Indian inspired pieces,  semi-precious stones, big bronze/silver cuffs and an ever prevailing presence of grunge charms (skulls, feathers, crosses-the whole shebang)
Looks: 70's Woodstock meets Shakira in her new Loca video, with a sprinkling of the usual nu grunge looks flying around on Lookbook.nu, 'individual+edgy' blogs, magazines, and editorials.

+Bohemian flower-power skirts and tops
+Sack-cloth, Gypsy stich detailing
+Brown suede, earthy country girl colours of whites, beiges, browns, reds, and pastels
+60's,70's print dresses, 70's patterns,

Accessories: Brown leather, tassels, cord, and wood
Looks: Gypsy traveller, Kate Hudson in Almost Famous, 70's singers and tree-huggers

+Strong presence of pastel and primary colours, especially coral, mustard yellow, blues, greens and browns
+Florals, tropical prints, linen-lace detailing
+50's,60's,70's feminine silhouettes
Looks: Twiggy, Sandra D from Grease, Mad men women

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