Pentax Colourful: Probably more beautiful than the pictures you'll take

I'm sure you've all noticed an increase in pedestrians wandering around with telescopic medallions swinging from their necks.With this new craze of owning a decent camera and taking some 'artsy fartsy' shots, anyone can take a couple of 'good' photos and fancy themselves as a bit of an artistic genius. I have to admit there is something very satisfying about taking a good photo and thus I have given in and am looking to upgrade my snapping device. I had a look around some shops today and looky what I found! How very trendy of Pentax! They come in 12 different colours and have had pretty good reviews. The only let down for me is that most SLRs like these beauties weigh a ton and I don't want my camera to turn into my ball and chain...literally.

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