Natalie Dissel Rocks!

When people used to ask me who my favourite jewellery designer was, I usually struggled to come up with just one name, that was until I made the glorious find of this collection by Natalie Dissel a couple of months back. Natalie Dissel is a jewellery maker slash free-spirited traveller from the Netherlands. Apart from the fact that her work is so irresistibly beautiful, the thing that makes Natalie's jewellery stand out to me is the narrative behind each piece. Natalie has travelled to countries like Argentina, China, Cambodia, Columbia, Peru, Bolivia, Iran and Micronesia to responsibly source the materials she uses. Besides scouring the world for precious stones and enjoying the adventure and freedom of travelling, Natalie has also helped out in community projects around the world. Her online collection is available for buying from  www.nataliedissel.com/webshop  or pop into one of her boutiques in Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia or the Netherlands.

Photographs courtesy of: www.nataliedissel.com

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